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Guild Wars 2 Minion Bot - Leveling, Farming, Questing, Gathering, PVP, Assist and more!

Penulis : PinoyGamers on Sunday, March 13, 2016 | 5:02 AM

Sunday, March 13, 2016

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Penulis : PinoyGamers on Sunday, July 12, 2015 | 5:14 AM

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Basic Information
Highlander (Incomplete)
180 cm
Blood Type
Date of Birth
English Voice Actor
Tony Oliver
Personal Information
Home Continent
Job Classes
Blood Dancer

Uno was born in a pool of blood made by the Highlanders killed by Ashtaroth hundreds of years ago.

While wandering Archimedia, Sieghart was found by the Highlanders in a critical condition and obtained his powers. Through an oversight, he ended up accidentally revealing the location of the ruins of the Highlanders to Ashtaroth, who annihilated all Highlanders except for Sieghart, who was not in the ruins at the time of the massacre.

A giant pool of blood, anger, fear, despair, suffering, bodies, spirits, and resentments of the murdered Highlanders joined and a new life was slowly formed, for hundreds of years.

Rising from the ruins of the Highlanders, Ashtaroth completely blocked the exit with a powerful enchantment of Kounat, but at the end of the Grand Chase's battle against Ashtaroth the incantation lost its power and disappeared. At this time, a body rose from the pool of blood. Uno, without knowing either the reason of his birth, could endure the fear, despair, madness, hatred, and the insatiable thirst for blood, left the ruins to roam the unknown.

While wandering, he found that he could not properly control his excessive use of blood. Over time, he lost consciousness.

He was found by a girl and taken to a village, where he received clothes, an old blade, and spent the night.

However, unable to master the uncontrollable impulses coming from his mind, Uno massacred the entire village to get blood. He screamed in horror as he realized what he had done.

With his bloodlust getting worse, Uno left for a long journey in Aernas, looking for a presence that could possibly help him.

Born as an incomplete Highlander, Uno retains the powers of the Highlanders such as the ability of immortality. However, as his powers were incomplete, his body consumes his blood as a source of strength.

Hence, after any battle the shortage of blood in his body makes him look for the blood of other living beings, regardless of his will.

Given all that, Uno feels a great contempt for himself and his own blood.

Having the body of an incomplete Highlander, Uno has great interest in the body and power of a true Highlander. He feels the presence of the last remaining Highlander, Sieghart, and will instinctively seek it.
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League of Legends Free Skins change Program 100% SAFE

How to use :

1. Go to this download the League of Legends MK_LOL_1.0.0.31

2. Install the plugin.

3. Start the Program.

4. Click the "registre-se" or similar link to create an account.

5. Username, email, password and cofirm password, then register.
6. Log in

7. Click the Skins "trocar-skin" link in the left navigation.

8. Select the champion you want to play, selecet the skin and press "Applicar"

9. In order to get the skin to display, start the game through the application by pressing the big "Jogar" (play) buttin at the top.

10. Start a game and enjoy your skin

Virusscans :

Credits to:
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Crossfire Hack v1.5.0.1

Works with New Crossfire update! Tested


  • Only kill headshot, 
  • No recoil and spread
Install them and reboot your system 

Then  Download:

Crossfire Hack v1.5.0.1
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Penulis : PinoyGamers on Thursday, January 30, 2014 | 6:47 PM

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Veigas Silhouette 2

Main Info

  • Name: Veigas Terre
  • Age: So old that it is impossible to calculate
  • Likes: Chaos, Destruction
  • Dislikes: Tedium, Boredom

Veigas is a Demon from the high ranking Terre tribe. He has been known to wander to various worlds bringing destruction to all before him. He thrives on chaos and devastation and pursued and caused these things wherever he went.

Eventually he returned home and found that most of his tribe had been slain by creatures from a world known as Aernas. Form then on he swore to make Aernas his next target and to bring about the end to all those who stood in the way of his goal.


As a being of high position in Elyos, Veigas has a lot of power and as such arrogance.
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Main Info

Edel Frost
  • Name: Edel Frost
  • Age: 18
  • Likes: Flowers, Her family
  • Dislikes: Her family's curse, Mess and clutter
Edel is the heiress of the Frost family, a noble family in Serdin that still keeps the tradition of swordsmen warriors in a realm dominated by magic. During the wars when magic became Serdin's main weapon, the Frost family has lost much of its prestige.
Edel and Adel Frost were born twins, with Edel being born moments after her twin brother. Being male and firstborn, Adel should have been the one to carry on the family tradition by becoming a swordsman and revive the name of his family. However, Adel suffered from a debilitating disease and could not leave his home. Thus, it fell to Edel to enlist in the Knights of Serdin to restore the Frost family's honour. 
One day, when Edel returned to her family for feeling uncomfortable with a pain in her right eye, she realized that a curse had been placed on her family. To save her family, Edel left on a journey to find the sinister red light that disappeared on the day they were cursed.


Edel was known for her generosity and good heart, but had to put it aside to survive and excel in the army amidst of political intrigue. Thus Edel adopted a harsh and cold attitude, even if doing so hurt her on the inside. Thanks to her determination and skill in combat, Edel managed to win the post of Captain.
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Moonlight Village Card Bug (extra 1000 attack)

Penulis : PinoyGamers on Friday, November 30, 2012 | 7:51 PM

Friday, November 30, 2012

1.Get a Card From Moonlight Village (especially Haete Card)
2.Attach it From your armor (on your Gloves or Weapon)
3.Then it will Automatically bug
4.Great For Gloves and Weapon.

This information is shared by: WarlordX
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